LEVEE is a technology company reinventing productivity and the future of work. By using artificial intelligence and machine learning, LEVEE develops solutions focused on improving efficiency in operations and processes, tackling some of the most complex systemic challenges people and companies confront in growth economies. Through the testing of new technologies, methods, and data, LEVEE's visionary products bring intelligence to decision making processes, helping companies reduce the US$ 100 million yearly losses caused by unproductive operations.

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LEVEE winning at MIT 2018

Diversity at LEVEE
LEVEE is changing the future of work in Brazil and the world. And part of that mission includes breaking down diversity barriers as they apply to our products, our business, our clients, and our workforce. At LEVEE, 45% of our international team is female, and more than 28% of our employees identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community. On February 2019, LEVEE joined some of the most influential companies in the world as a signatory of the UN Women's ´Women's Empowerment Principles´ Pact (WEPs) as a testament to the company's commitment to gender equality and female empowerment. At LEVEE, everyone is welcome. All of our spaces are safe spaces.

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